About me

zornicamalevaZornitsa is a graduate of the University of West London - BA (Hons) in Event Management. 2009 – 2012
In 2017 Zornitsa successfully completed the Academy of Coaches and Winners in Bulgaria at Happy Woman Academy Bulgaria. Her speciality was sexology and harmonious relationships and life coaching. Zornitsa was trained by leading coaches from Russia, Bulgaria, England, Europe and America.
At present, Zornitsa undergoes training in Integrated Family Constellations for Master NLP practitioner at the Institute for Integral Development Bulgaria. This is a two-year course over 6 semesters with leading coaches from Italy and Bulgaria.

She worked 5 years in the sphere of management for leading companies such as: jetsetsports.com, Association Resource, COCA Cola
Over the past 10 years, Zornitsa has attended multiple trainings and seminars for personal development, stress management, leadership, life coaching, mysticism, healthy eating, fang shui. She found that her mission is to help people. She has been practicing for two years as a transforming life coach. She works with clients face-to-face and leads group seminars on personal development
It takes many years of study, practice and personal growth processes in order to become a transforming life coach. Zornitsa has fulfilled these conditions and constantly evolves and undergoes training to this day. She has set up her own system of trainings that have completely changed the lives of people.
Now Zornitsa has a wonderful relationship with her beloved man who supports her in her career and success.
Zornitsa’s motto is: We create our happy reality with our thoughts and actions.Change begins with you TODAY, tomorrow may be late.