Practical trainings 2-3 hours for women.

Lectures, seminars, trainings - everything that can make your life very different for a very short time.
Every seminar always has a theory and a scientific explanation of where it comes from. There are always questions that help you realize where you are at the moment. There are always insights and answers you get after doing your practices and exercises, and there is always a lot of fun and joy!
Topics we conduct:
• How to attract a free man and keep him (new!)
• The classy woman (new!) coquette that gets everything from the man.
• Princess course - how to defend yourself in the relationship.
• How to develop the queen within yourself. How to be a successful woman and live your life with a mission. Create your Standards and live by them.
• How do we attract abundance in our lives? How do I get back a man after cheating?

• How to develop personal strength?
• How to love yourself? Let's live our lives here and now fully.
• I choose a beautiful life
• 5 techniques to bring your man luck
• How to be a sex magnet? Professional seduction of men.
• Alpha-woman
• How do you sell yourself?
• Secrets of happy relationships
• What do men and women want ... in bed?
• How do we stop suffering? How do I return the man after the infidelity?

• How to be loved and desired forever?
• A Wise Woman and how to build a harmonious relationship with your husband or partner and that he wants a monogamous relationship with you.
• The life of a spoiled lady or how to easily get from your man, love, gifts and respect.
• How to get marriage proposal from your man ? How to deal with a rival woman and remove it.
• How to live with this unbearable man? How can we better understand men and their four archetypes so that we have a truly harmonious relationship with men.