family constellationsI believe the best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. Change begins with you today here and now. You are a winner, you can, you deserve more.
Because the more you develop, learn and work with an experienced coach like me, the more you will change your life completely, discover new opportunities and learn to use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage. None of us is perfect, but each one of us is unique and the world needs people exactly like you. I believe in you and I know you can.
The system that I use is proven and working. Thousands of people have changed their lives and now enjoy a harmonious and loving relationship with their partner, family and parents. They live with their mission and enjoy their dream work achieving enormous heights in life. What are you still waiting for? Tomorrow may be too late. Make an appointment for a 60-minute consultation with me over Skype or face-to-face. The first consultation is free for 30 minutes. WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR?
My talent is to pinpoint the problem, to give you a solution and specific homework. All my clients who adhere strictly to my advice often manage to transform their lives with no more than 3 consultations. In my work with clients I always achieve success because I strongly believe that change begins with you and you can do more and deserve more. You are a winner. I had the honour to learn from the best in my sphere. Each of us is unique and my job is to be with you in this process, to support you and to build together a new and healthy structure that will bring you the desired results in your life. I also know that the only resource we have is time, and it is up to us to change the circumstances that keep us from being happy today, right here and right now. I love my work and do it with love. With all my heart I want to help you rediscover yourself and show your best self. Only then will you easily get respect, abundance, mutual love, ability to live with your mission and be satisfied with your work.
Let me tell you something, I was raised in a very poor family. We lived in a very small, narrow house, and mom and dad were far from each other, they were divorced, they had no money to spoil me and my sister. That was their reality, it was my also reality. Our grandparents looked after us. But I would not contently live like that because I had my dreams. And I followed them. I chased them hard. And now my reality is different. Here, that is the truth about reality: Every person lives in their own world, literally, and every person is here to create their reality – to follow their dreams
I know you feel that it is like that. If you are reading these lines, then the memory of your dream has woken up. Do you dream of your prince with whom you can dive in a sea of adventures, see the most beautiful places in the world and this love can last until you grow old together? Do you dream of living an abundant life without restrictions? I personally wanted this life and dreamed of it. Not only did I dream, but I achieved it. And since I know the road to it, I want to share it with you.
What do I guarantee:
To devote this one hour only to you and to be at your service.
To be honest with you and to tell you things that hardly anyone else and even you yourself will not admit – but that is exactly what will cure your pain.
Confidentiality – The whole information remains reserved only for you.

What do I expect from you?
Punctuality – every single hour is booked for months ahead and if you are late, it means we will work less for the same money. So please be on time.
Being prepared for work and transformation – I will give many assignments and actions for homework, so it is important to have the courage to do them.
I reserve my right to refuse to work with you if you do not do your homework – It is important for me that you achieve the goal you have set, that you evolve and change.

Topics where I can be useful to you: relationships and personal growth.

Why don’t I have a man and how do I attract and keep a man?
How do I know what man is suitable for me and what exactly do I need in a relationship. How to get to family and marriage.
How do I find my mission? To work what I want.
How do I get back a man after cheating?
How to increase my self-esteem, status, abundance, sexuality? We make a map of desires.
All problems related to sex and our relationships with men, our mothers, fathers, family.
We work towards harmonious relationships.
How to overcome separation or the loss of a dear person?
Life after abortion; a ritual to clear the space
And many other things about which you need advice, help, further explanations.

One consultation with me takes 60 minutes and costs 50 pounds.
Via Skype or face to face.
Pay with PayPal or a card.





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